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Log 29/01/2012

Progress has been made on a project plan (included below), this is a much more detailed plan than the draft which was uploaded last time. The milestones, up until a point, have been broken down into smaller tasks. This has only been done up until a point as the steps needed to do the later parts of the project are not yet known. This is still a draft version which will need to be reviewed by the project supervisor. A gant chart has been made and each milestone corresponds to part of the plan, colour coding has been used.

Research has also been started, looking at evolution and the similar approaches to the problem or similar problems. This will be uploaded as and when the documentation is finished. (over the next week).

Here is the Project Plan:


and the gant chart:



Log 25/01/2012

This is the first post for the Log of this project. This log will be updated every 4 days as stated in the project proposal. This week a draft project plan and a research plan. The project plan so far consists of a list of deadlines to be met.

Link to Project Plan


Link To Research Plan