Log 05/05/2012

The project report is finished.

The drawing of the plants has been slightly advanced using a simple algorithm which uses lines to draw what looks like blades of grass which slowly sway. Thus greatly sped up the program and allow for a lot more plants to be drawn and it to still run smoothly. Up until now spheres had been being used and these take up a lot of computational power.

Reptiles can only eat plans within their own height range and there are two tarting populations of plants of two different heights. The reptiles all start with random heights, this is is on order to be able to see an evolution of reptiles to be able to eat plants of a certain height. This has not been tested properly and there  is a new problem of now multiple invisible plants which kill the reptiles and in the end cause extinction. Biut tit has been tied up ready to hand in.

At the last minute the deadline was extended until the 8th of May so this will give time to do a little more testing, sort out these errors and proof read the report.


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I am a third year student doing Creative computing at Goldsmiths college University of London. View all posts by evolvegold

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