Pic Breeder


This is a website which allows a user to evolve pictures by means of artificial selection. The user can either evolve a picture from scratch or start with a picture that has been created by a user. How it works is the user is presented with a grid of pictures and they can pick out the ones they like and then select evolve. There are a couple of other options that allow the user to select colour or black and white and to redo a cycle. The user can also select whether the evolution is focused on the colour or the structure of the image. This is the screen the user is first presented with when they choose to evolve from scratch:

Figure 1:

And with some colour: 

Figure 2:


Here are some screenshots taken periodically through the evolutionary cycle:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Figure 5:

Figure 6:

And this was one of the resulting images:

Figure 7:

The user can choose to save an image at any point using the advanced options. They can then publish their image either anonymously or by creating a profile and uploading using that. The user can even choose to put their evolved image on a hat or t-shirt, for a cost. There is a whole archive of pictures which other users have evolved.

This site is an interesting way of seeing the powers of selection more than evolution. The pictures it comes up with can be very aesthetically pleasing and can often represent recognisable forms. The application is very easy to use although the user does not really have control over the actual evolution settings, just the selection. This is the main thing missing from this site.

Pic breeder uses the theory of evolutionary computation to evolve interesting art. This is a technique which is also used by visual artists and by music producers to evolve new art. This technique evolves the pictures based on human selection which as was stated earlier can be linked to artificial selection in real life. The main project will focus on mimicking natural selection no artificial although the user will be able to change some of the effecting factors.

These are some of the pictures evolved by others which have been published on the website:

Figure 8:

Figure 9:


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